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Iron Duck Designs specializes in aggressive, bright, attention-nabbing, client-impressing design. We love to build websites for our clients to carry them into a successful future. We are a hired pen,speciality design studio.

You have probably seen our work a lot lately. We know what works; our clients trust us, and you probably need us to get your business to the next level.

We love to brainstorm with our client family; we believe that we succeed when our clients do. So, we are always happy to help by offering feedback, guidance, and go the extra mile to make sure our clients are ready to succeed. We want our clients to utilize our services to successful fruition. Our website builds happen in steps. Each step will take time, but we are pretty good at this, and our clients have always fallen in love with what we have created.

Phase I (Week 1-3): Design brief completed and an estimate of cost given. If the proposal is approved, we will email an invoice out, and 1/2 of the total fee for total build work is due at this time. The website build will begin at this point. Utilizing the design brief, you're filling out below and researching your company, your competition, and your goals for your website. We will explore who you serve, why you are in business, how you solve the problems your clients have, and what your products and services do to solve those problems. The first round concept will be a completed desktop layout for you to approve the look and feel of your site. You will provide us with your feedback to move the website to the next step.

Phase II (Week 3-4): Approved website concept is expanded upon at this stage. Using the recommended changes from you, the layout is dialed in for desktop, mobile & tablet platforms. Artwork is created digitally to compliment your brand, logo, and style. Once this is accomplished, we will send out the complete website to you again to look over and approve the changes and additions.

Phase III (Week 4-5): Final Design Phase! Any changes requested by you are made at this stage. Changes will be finalized in this step and any final photos or artwork requested by you will be added at this stage. Website is now functional with desktop, smart phones, and tablets so that beta testing of site can begin. Implementation of SEO and analytics are added at this stage.

Phase IV (Week 5-6): Site is good to go! Remaining balance is due at this stage. The website will be uploaded to your domain name with the hosting company you choose, whether it be Iron Duck Designs or another. It will generally take 1-2 days for the website to populate and go live completely! We will try to plan your launch to take place over a weekend, especially if you have a website already.


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